How home cleaning can make you feel better?

Home Cleaning

If you are guilty of having a messy and cluttered home, need not fret because you are not alone. Cleaning can be time consuming, stressful, boring and one of the least favourite chores for some of you.

However, cleaning can be a form of self-care for some. Having a clean space around you offers many benefits, including making you feel better, like a positive impact, and giving you a sense of control and achievement.

Whether you’re one of those people whom love cleaning or someone who despises it, there are plenty of reasons why keeping a clean house can make you feel better. Let us take a look at how home cleaning can make you feel better.

A healthier household

Cleaning your home will help to prevent allergies, keeping diseases at bay. Commonly found allergens like mould, pollen, mites, dust, and pet dander are found on carpets, upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings. These micro-organisms can trigger allergies from wheezing to asthma to hay fever and other serious respiratory ailments. If you systematically clean your home, you are ridding your rooms of these disease traps and this will lower the possibility of illnesses creating a healthier family.

You can get rid of dirt and allergens from your carpets by steam cleaning them. Our professional carpet cleaners from Enjoy Life Services are trained, skilled and experienced to steam clean your carpets without damaging them.

Keeps pests away

Keeping a clean house is one of the best ways to keep pests out of your way. If you’ve got dirty dishes in your sink or a seldom-cleaned pantry, you are ultimately inviting pests like cockroaches, rodents and other insects into your home. Having an infestation is not only stressful and disgusting, but it’s also a serious health hazard. The advantage of cleaning up regularly is very important if you do not want to have pests co-habiting your home.

Enjoy Life Services offers comprehensive pest control services and only use eco-friendly products that do not harm you or the environment.

Keeps you active and fit

Cleaning can be a good exercise and regular cleaning is good for your physical health. Moderate to intense household cleaning like mopping the floor or vacuuming your carpets can not only be an active cardio workout getting your heart pumping but also work on your muscles and easily burn calories.

Improves your mental health

It is proven – clutter and mess are linked to negative emotions like anxiety and irritability. On the other hand, a neat and tidy house has a number of positive effects on your mental health. When your house is clean and organised, there is no room to be depressed or stressful. On the contrary, you feel more rejuvenated, allowing you to focus on other things in your life. Engaging your mind in a repetitive activity can also have a calming effect

Less maintenance and repairs

Keeping your home clean and well maintained will save you the cost of emergency repairs. For instance, not cleaning your range hood filters or filters of your HVAC system regularly can lead to dust and grime build-up that will put a strain on your wallet.

Similarly, bathrooms are prone to rust and mould formation. Cleaning your bathroom fixtures like taps, showerheads, and faucets at regular intervals helps to remove mineral deposits and rust formation.

A sense of accomplishment

Cleaning your home comes with a tangible result – you end up having a neater home with things organised and clutter put away. It also inspires you to carry on with the habit in the years to come.

And once you’ve done with your cleaning, you can sit down and relax.

Reduced safety hazards

Who would want to knock or bump into strewn toy boxes or shoes scattered on the floor? Keeping your house organised will lower the chances of you and your family getting injured or breaking some of your valuables. Organising and keeping things out of harm’s way can make a huge difference to the overall safety of your home.

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