End of the year cleaning

End of the year cleaning

Christmas is almost here and the new year is fast approaching. Don’t you think it is time to spruce up your home before the festivities begin? You would not want to finish off the year in a dirty and decluttered home!!

If you are getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party or have planned to call your family and friends home for a Christmas dinner, you should start cleaning and decluttering early. Because, as the year winds down, finding a few moments for thoughtful preparation can be challenging.

We have listed a few cleaning tips on how you can maintain your home for a stress-free and fun holiday season.

Declutter your home

The best way to kick-start any cleaning job is by decluttering your home. It would be a shame to hang your Christmas decorations on boxes or junk piled up. So go ahead and gather all that stuff that does not belong to a room – cleaning each room becomes easier this way.

Let your doors and windows shine

So, what is the very first thing your guests will see before they enter your home? Yes, your windows and entryway. It might be a good idea to clean your window sills, window panes, and doors and get rid of those dirty smudges and fingerprints. And, once your windows are clean, it is easier to stick paper snowflakes and other decorations.

Use a sponge to clean your windows after adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a bowl of warm water.

Do not neglect your walls, floors and ceilings

Cobwebs, insects, dust, and other debris are often left hanging from the ceilings, creating an eyesore to visitors and serving as a breeding ground for insects. For this reason, you must dust your walls and remove all the cobwebs from the corners and ceiling before you decorate for the holidays.

A good way to remove germs from the floor is by mopping the floor with an environmentally-friendly detergent.

Clean your carpets

There is a good chance that dirt, dander, and dust will accumulate on carpets regardless of how often you clean them.

This is where you can make use of our home cleaning services in  eastern suburbs. We only use environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solutions and advanced equipment to get your carpets clean and fresh. There is more – we align with the Department of Health standards and make sure to keep our customer’s health safe from the Covid-19 virus by taking all the necessary measures and rules.

Deep clean your kitchen

Is your oven shining and ready for some heavy-duty Christmas baking? If not, start by cleaning your appliances like the oven and cooktop so that they are free of any grime and grease. Wipe down your cabinets and countertops as well. Peep into your fridge and pantry and throw out any expired products. Do not forget to polish your cutlery and clean your glasses and plates.

If you have any stubborn stains or greasy spots that you find difficult to remove, then you could avail of our home cleaning services in Inner West Sydney that focuses on removing stains and oily build-ups.

Do not neglect your bathroom

With a house full of guests, it is quite likely they will be using your bathroom. So, how do you get your bathroom both clean and germ-free?

Use an eco-friendly detergent to clean your bathroom. This will not only keep your bathroom odour-free but also kill all the germs. Meticulously wipe down your frequently touched areas – the bathtub, mirrors, vanity shelves and basin. Restock the toiletries and hang the best linen.

Mop the bathroom floor and clean the wall tiles. If you need the services of a professional Home Cleaning Service in North Shore, call us at Enjoy Life Services; we can provide you with an exhaustive and eco-friendly bathroom cleaning service that will systematically cover all the important areas in your bathroom.

Hire Enjoy Life Services for your end of the year cleaning

With Enjoy Life Services you will have access to the right tools and be on top of all the latest cleaning innovations. Also, we have a highly trained and experienced cleaning staff that enables us to accomplish our cleaning goals efficiently. As part of our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of both the environment and our clients, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

We can work with you to develop a cleaning schedule that is convenient for you as well as your busy schedule. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction each and every time. To know more about our Commercial Cleaning Services in Alexandria, visit our website or contact us now.