End Of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

End Of Lease Cleaning Service

The ending of tenancy in itself is a big mess. Don't stress yourself more regarding cleaning issues. Enjoy life service is here to help. We are well known for the end of lease cleaning services in the eastern suburb of Sydney as we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Based in the Inner West of Sydney, and servicing all Sydney CBD & metro areas, Enjoy Life Services is your local end of lease cleaning service.

We provide all kinds of cleaning designed to specifically meet your needs when your lease has come to an end.

In times of rut and when you're out of chances, End of lease cleaning services in North Sydney is available to simmer your work process and to make it easier for yourself. If you ever need services related to that, search on our given website, "End of Lease Cleaning Contractors near Me" and it will lead you right back to us.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

When your lease comes to an end and you need to leave the property in a clean and tidy state. Don’t stress yourself further trying to figure out how to properly clean your property after all of your belongings have been carted away. Let us help.

Turn to us for professional bond cleaning. We will cover all bases from top to bottom including the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, laundry, bathrooms and carpet steam cleaning.

Find out why so many real estate companies and professionals rely on us for end of lease cleaning services – contact us today.

The Services We Provide

When you book your appointment with us you will receive one or two competent, highly-trained cleaners. They have been security checked and will work as a team to take on your cleaning tasks. They will have a service checklist to follow but are flexible to make any changes.

Along with those cleaners will be all the supplies and equipment they will need to complete your cleaning project. We use environmentally-friendly solutions and aim to please you with the best possible end result. To receive a quote on our end of lease cleaning, contact us today.

End Of Lease Cleaning Includes:

  • Kitchen cupboards: both inside and out, rangehood fan, oven, stove top, benchtops, kitchen sink and floor

  • Bathroom: Bath tubs, shower basins vanity and toilets will be cleaned thoroughly, and floor areas will be cleaned

  • Walls are spot cleaned

  • Flooring: all areas are vacuumed and mopped

  • Ceiling (at additional cost)

  • Cleaning inside wardrobes

  • Cleaning mirrors

  • Dusting skirting boards

  • Cleaning the balcony

  • Cleaning inside windows, and outside where possible

Additional inclusions are for items such as:

  • Cleaning blinds

  • Carpet steam cleaning

  • Very dirty bathrooms

  • Greasy, hard to clean kitchens / ovens

  • Deep cleaning all wall areas

  • Rubbish packing

  • Furniture / rubbish removal

Should you need help with home repairs, outside chores such as cleaning decks or driveways, then our handyman and pressure cleaning services can assist.


Due to the safety of our staff we have some exclusions; these include:

  • Inside light cover/ pendants

  • Items that are broken

  • Chandeliers

  • Items that contain bio-hazards, blood, and animal waste such as kitty litter, or

  • Areas that can not be easily accessed with the use of a step ladder (high reach areas)

Our Cleaning Service Guarantee

When you choose us to perform your end of lease cleaning you receive a 72-hour service guarantee. Our cleaning services are agency-approved and we can schedule your service anytime – including on holidays or weekends. Combine our different services for discounts as well.

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We can take care of your end of lease cleaning needs.
Call us direct on 0433 335 199 or you can reach us by emailing hello@enjoylifeservices.com.au.