end of lease cleaning in Sydney’s Inner West

When you are approaching the end of a rental lease or tenancy, it is vitally important to have your space properly cleaned. If it is not, you risk not receiving your bond back from the rental agent.

This can be a stressful situation for anyone in a rental arrangement. However, there is a solution. It involves the assistance of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

End of Lease Cleaning Schedule

Enjoy Life Services provides end of lease cleaning and is based in Sydney’s Inner West. We provide all the cleaning services required to ensure you receive your bond back. In order to thoroughly clean your rental space, we suggest following the guidelines below where we can best service your needs. For further information contact us today by calling 0433 335 199.

Your Final Month

As you enter the final month of your rental agreement, you should be organizing specific tasks so that they can be completed just before your lease or rental ends. This includes contacting a bond cleaning service to arrange for carpet cleaning and lawn mowing not later than a week before your tenancy ends. Also arrange for utilities to be cancelled or moved to a different location.

One Week To Go

There are several chores to take care of both inside and outside your rental home that can wait until your last week. This will be when your end of lease cleaning service will take care of all the visual cleaning chores outdoors ranging from weeding, garbage clean up and sweeping of sidewalks, driveways and garage floors.

Indoors, your end of tenancy cleaning list will include cleaning and dusting of surfaces that are not serviced daily. Light fixtures, blinds, window coverings, kitchen exhaust fans, vents, smoke alarms and toilets will all be cleaned with burned out lights or batteries replaced where possible. The ceilings of each room should also be cleaned of cobwebs at this time.

It is of great importance that you leave your rental agreement on good terms. Not only can it have an impact on whether or not you receive your bond, it can hamper future rentals should you end up with negative references. Enjoy Life Services has extensive experience in bond cleaning and can take the stress out of the end of your tenancy cleaning chores. Call us today for information on how we can help. Contact us direct on 0433 335 199.

Three Days Left

The inside and outside surfaces of all windows should be cleaned and any repairs needed, taken care of just days before you vacate the premises. This is a big job that can easily be handled by a professional end of lease cleaning service such as Enjoy Life Services. We have helped many tenants all over the Sydney region receive their bond.

The Last Things To Do In Your Last Hours On Site

The main areas of your residence that are considered your daily living space should all receive a thorough cleaning during your final day there. This would include the bathroom, bedrooms, hall ways, kitchen and laundry. The walls, doors and floors will be the next-to-last surfaces to be cleaned with the carpets being the very last on the end of lease cleaning list.

Before you close the front door behind you for the final time, take a walk through your now empty home or apartment. Give it a close inspection and once you are satisfied with the results, you should be ready for the rental agent do an on-site inspection.

For Bond Cleaning Services, Look To Enjoy Life Services

Need a professional cleaner to assist with your end of tenancy cleaning requirements? Enjoy Life Services has a team of professional cleaners who will work with you and around your schedule as you enter your final month of tenancy.

We service the entire Sydney’s metro area, including Sydney CBD, Inner West, North Shore, Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Western Suburbs and Parramatta. Call us today at 0433 335 199 for details.