End of lease cleaning/moving out cleaning?

End of lease cleaning

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or relocating to a new home or office, moving can be a tremendously demanding event. On one hand, you have to make sure you pack all your belongings and transport them safely to your new premises. On the other hand, you also need to be concerned about restoring your existing rental home back to its original condition. Cleaning the property before the end of a tenancy period is also important to get your deposit or bond back.

However, end of cleaning can be another stressful task if you try to do it on your own. So, it is best to hire a professional cleaning service like Enjoy Life Services so that you can focus more on the relocation process.

We specialise in end of lease or moving out cleaning and are equipped with the latest cleaning tools and eco-friendly products. We leave no stone unturned to get the property cleaned with 100% assurance of getting your deposit back. We take care of every aspect of cleaning that includes floors, walls, carpet steam cleaning, kitchen and countertops, doors, window frames, skirting boards, bathrooms, balconies, and pest control services, among others.

End of lease cleaning service

End of lease cleaning is something you really do not need to deal with. And that is what we are here for. Our Enjoy Life Services cleaning includes:

Kitchen: An important part of the house that needs a lot of cleaning is the kitchen. This is one of the dirtiest spaces because of the regular cooking, oil build-up and grime. There are so many things to clean including appliances, counter tops, stove tops, cabinets and shelves that might need hours and hours of cleaning.

Bathroom: Bathrooms are the breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and mould. We make sure to clean your bathrooms systematically, starting from the cupboards to the towel rails to shelves and vanity mirrors. Other areas that we give special attention are the toilet, bathtub, showerhead, shower curtains and taps. We will make sure that stains and spots are removed from the bathroom tiles and walls.

Walls: Our professional cleaners start from the top of the walls and remove all the dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and the corners.

Doors: We make sure that doors are free of scuff marks and are clean. We never overlook frequently touched spaces like the doorknobs

Windows: We clean the windows from both sides, including the blinds, window rails and tracks.

Floor: The floors are vacuum cleaned and mopped carefully. Even the skirting boards are dusted clean.

Carpet steam cleaning: In order to get rid of all the dirt from a carpet, it is better to steam clean it. Our professional carpet cleaners are trained, skilled and experienced to clean your carpets without damaging it.

Pest control services: We also offer a comprehensive pest control service in the end of lease cleaning process.

Benefits of hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company like Enjoy Life Services

Help you obtain your bond amount back at the end of the leasing contract: Our cleaners provide a thorough cleaning of the property using the best cleaning techniques to help you obtain the deposit or bond amount at the end of the leasing contract. It is a fact that 100% of our customers get their bond back after our professional cleaning.

Our staff are trained and experienced: Our cleaning experts are fully trained to take up any cleaning job. We know that every property comes with a different cleaning requirement and we specifically know how to tackle any condition.

Our employees are reference checked: We hire the right people for our cleaning business. All our staff members are recruited only after thorough reference and background checks.

Environmentally-friendly products: We only use cleaning products that do not harm our clients and the environment.

Customised services: We not only offer a systematic approach to cleaning each home, but also offer personalised solutions for our clients that best suits you.

High-quality service: Customer satisfaction is the most important thing we strive for. Our customers can enjoy our 5-star rating services and this is why we have a number of satisfied and return customers. Our quality service is at a level that validates our commitment to a high level standard of cleanliness.

If you are moving house and need professional end of lease cleaning as part of your agreement and 100% bond back guarantee, call Enjoy Life Services on 0433 335 199 for more information.