Cleaning and Disinfecting Home and Office during Covid-19

Covid-19. A disinfectant in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants.

Do you have to sanitise your dining table once you drop your grocery bag on it? How do you disinfect the office equipment that you share with your colleagues? How long does the corona virus survive on surfaces that you probably touch every day?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on the health system, economy and livelihoods, these are just a few tough questions that you are forced to ask yourself. Everyday household chores and office tasks have now turned into a source of uncertainty and concern as your families and businesses grapple with getting the cleaning basics done all while keeping your loved ones and employees safe and healthy.

There was a time when you needed to worry only about the visible dirt, mould, dust, cobwebs or grime and the invisible germs that were not that harmful. But now the fight is against a highly contagious disease – Covid-19.

The corona virus spreads primarily through respiratory droplets or when you touch a surface where these droplets have been coughed or sneezed upon, and then you touch your nose, mouth or eyes. To keep your family and employees safe and healthy, cleaning and disinfecting your premises is going to become an important part of your daily routine.

So how are you going to clean and disinfect your home or office and reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19?

Cleaning and Disinfecting your Home and Office with Enjoy Life Services

This is where Enjoy Life Services, your local commercial cleaning services in Alexandria steps in. Other than our normal cleaning, repair and maintenance services, we have extended our services aligned with the Department of Health standards to keep your home clean and safe from the virus. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, our fully trained cleaning team strictly follows the latest procedures and makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and approved disinfectants.

So how does Enjoy Life Services go about disinfecting your home or cleaning your office in and around Sydney CBD to make sure you are as safe as possible?

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched hard surfaces and objects

The Department of Health and WHO highly recommends to routinely clean frequently touched surfaces such as table tops, door/cupboard handles and knobs, hand rails, lift panels, window panes and sills, light boards and switches, kitchen tops, TV remotes, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones and toys. To reduce your chances of being infected, our team of highly trained cleaners make sure that the most commonly touched surfaces and objects in your home and office are cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning and disinfecting soft surfaces

For soft or porous surfaces like fabric or leather, our cleaning team uses products that can be safely used on the soft surfaces, as specified by the manufacturer.

Cleaning and disinfecting electrical and electronic equipment

For your home and office equipment such as computers, keyboards, power sockets, mouse, printers and other electronic items, our cleaners take great care not to spray the disinfectant solution directly as it may cause a short circuit. We are also careful to prevent moisture from getting into any device opening.

Why use Enjoy Life Services for Corona virus cleaning and disinfecting

  • Our Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting team has been specifically trained to deal with not just the common germs and bacteria, but also the deadly Corona virus. We do complete corona disinfection and sanitisation of your home or office in Sydney CBD to ensure that your family and employees stay safe.
  • We make sure that our cleaning team wears disposable gloves, disposable shoe covers and masks to provide safe and high-standard cleaning service.
  • We use soap and water to pre-clean the area if it is visibly dirty.
  • We use eco-friendly disinfectant products that are effective in eliminating the virus. We make sure that the product stays on the surface for the period of time required to kill the virus as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Our soft cleaning equipment, including cleaning towels, is disposable and never reused. Our hard cleaning equipment is sanitised before we enter your premises.
  • Mop heads are washed with hot water and sanitised before each cleaning job
  • We make sure that all our cleaners are healthy with no symptoms of Covid-19, like cough, sore throats, and fever.
  • Our cleaners follow the highest of hygienic conditions and wash their hands regularly.
  • Our cleaners strictly obey social distancing rules while at a client’s premises.

Should you need a professional office and home cleaning service in the Eastern suburbs to clean and disinfect your premises during the Covid-19 outbreak please contact us. In the meantime if you wish to know more about precautions that you can implement in your home or office to prevent Covid-19 please visit our Covid-19 health and safety precautions service page.