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Carpet Cleaning, Sydney

Enjoy Life Services is your local carpet cleaning specialists. If you are in need of carpet cleaning in eastern Suburbs, Enjoy Life Services are here to solve your problems. With our steam cleaning service, carpets get a deep cleaning that removes dirt and debris that gets trapped down in the fibres.

We offer many different cleaning packages and each is designed to meet your specific needs.

A clean carpet can do wonders with the look of your home.

Contact us for affordable carpet cleaning.

Local Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets can get tired and worn looking just from not being cleaned regularly. It tends to happen over time as we don’t normally notice how our carpets look until they are in poor condition. Our carpet cleaning services can remedy the situation quickly and easily.

With our steam cleaning service, carpets get a deep cleaning that removes dirt and debris that gets trapped down in the fibres. It also eliminates surface and sub-surface staining and removes odours that can develop from all of these things.

Clean carpets will appear to look like new.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning professionals use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. They also have access to the most advanced commercial carpet cleaning tools and equipment available in the market. We can get your carpets clean no matter the shape they are in.

When you book your appointment for our home carpet cleaners, we will assign one or two cleaners for your project. They have been highly-trained in carpet cleaning services and have been security checked. They will work as a team to clean your carpets and floor coverings.

You’ll also find that our staff are friendly, reliable and approachable. We want to get your cleaning job done as quickly and efficiently as possible and work with you to achieve this goal. For the cleanest carpets in the Sydney area, contact us for a quote to clean yours.

Mattress Cleaning

Our beds provide us with rest but did you know that the mattresses we sleep on night after night are filled with dust mites that spread potent allergens into the air.

These allergens are known to trigger and possibly cause allergic diseases such as Asthma, Eczema, Rhinitis etc.*

* World Health Organisation - Public Health Significance of Urban Peats. 2008

To rid your home of such allergens our mattress cleaning service includes a strong vacuum with UV light and also utilises high temperatures steam cleaning.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

Our experienced mattress cleaning technician will vacuum mattress thoroughly.

Then they will apply a solution to the mattress to eradicate dust mites and bacteria.

All our cleaning products are non-toxic, offering a safe and effective result without using harsh chemicals.

Should stains be a problem then a strong stain remover is applied to stubborn stains and areas of soiling if needed (additional cost).

Your mattress is then steam cleaned using the latest Australian made equipment. Steam is forced into the mattress, penetrating deep into the fibres to reach all the hidden nasties lurking in the fabric. The high powered suction of our steam cleaning machine then draws the moisture and contaminants out.

We also recommend an application of fabric protection to inhibit soiling and staining and prolong the freshness of your mattress (additional cost).

For optimal maintenance, professional cleaning of your mattress is recommended every six months. Dead skin cells and perspiration can quickly build up in the fibres of your mattress over time, staining and soiling the fabric.

Did you know we also provide Upholstery Cleaning and Leather Sofa Cleaning too?

We can take care of all your lounge, sofa, carpet and mattress cleaning needs.

So when considering your home cleaning needs why not book this in at the same time to ensure your home is not only clean but allergy free too.

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