Are your household cleaning products harming the environment?

A healthy lifestyle begins with a spotless home; we all want to live and work in spaces that are clean, sanitised and healthy. To keep our spaces clean and germ free and to maintain a healthy indoor environment, we need cleaning products that can remove grime, dust, allergens and other infection-causing micro-organisms.

However, some of the cleaning products that are used to mop your floors, clean your windows, wipe your counter tops, deep-clean your carpets or upholstery, degrease your kitchen tops, and disinfect your toilets in your commercial and residential spaces may not only be harmful to you but also be detrimental to the environment.

With rising concerns about climate change and the impact of global warming, every little effort towards making the planet greener is welcome.

For a very long time, household cleaners were never thought of as pollutants. They have been used inside the confines of homes and offices to make the indoor environment safe and clean for human dwelling. Yet, research has established that the chemicals found in many of the commonly used cleaners can present several health and environmental concerns. These products include volatile chemical elements such as phosphorous, nitrogen, chlorine, ammonia, and CFCs that have a wide-ranging effect on the environment.

What are the common issues chemical cleaners can have on the environment?

Water pollution: Chemicals from the cleaning products are washed down the drains into the sewer system and eventually into the water bodies. They can also leach into the soil, reducing the quality of the ground water and ultimately the drinking water. Chemicals can also enter the food chain, which is harmful to both humans and animals.

Air pollution:  The volatile elements present in the cleaning products can affect indoor air quality and add to outdoor smog.

Bio-accumulative: Many products contain chemicals that biodegrade slowly or transform into bio-accumulative chemicals that remain in the environment forever.

Health: The chemicals are also associated with skin allergies, eye irritations, throat infections, respiratory ailments, and other health issues. Some of the commercial cleaning products are even classified as hazardous in concentrated forms, creating potential handling, storage, and disposal issues for users.

Plastic packaging:  Chemical cleaners come in containers that are not made from recyclable materials. Simply throwing away the packaging and empty bottles result in mass accumulation in landfills, affecting animal life and vegetation. Partially empty containers, if disposed of, can also cause problems at disposal sites.

Get help from Enjoy Life Services

So how can we help in leaving as little environmental impact as possible?

Using natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products can help to reduce human health and environmental concerns. Enjoy Life Services has a wide array of green cleaning services for commercial and residential spaces at competitive prices. Equipped with the latest cleaning tools and eco-friendly products, our team of cleaners make sure that every aspect of cleaning is attended to.

Let us find out why Enjoy Life Services eco-friendly plans are better compared to any other conventional cleaning process.

Fewer chemicals: One of the main advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products is that they do not have an array of harmful chemicals and only contain a lot of natural ingredients which are much less harsh and over-powering.By using our services,there is no room left for chemical residues or toxic fumes in the air.

Better for the environment: Toxic chemical-laden cleaners can have a huge bearing on the environment. Our organic cleaning methods, on the other hand, use natural substances which are non-poisonous that do not leave a chemical residue as they are 100% biodegradable and recycle safe.

Non-toxic for the users: Chemical cleaning products are toxic and can cause chronic respiratory problems, skin allergies and other health issues. Being allergen-free, our organic cleaning products do not have a harmful effect on humans and pets and are safe to use.

Cost-effective: Chemical cleaning agents are abrasive and can cause significant wear and tear to your property, while the eco-friendly products we use are less abrasive and cost effective.

Better cleaning process: Our eco-friendly cleaning products perform better than their harmful chemical counterparts.

Less packaging waste: Dangerous and corrosive chemicals are normally packaged using single-use plastic bottles which cannot be properly recycled and end up piled up in landfills. Eco-friendly cleaning products can be packaged using biodegradable, reduced, recyclable or reusable packaging, lowering your carbon footprint and waste. We also minimise the usage of plastic bags during cleaning.

Need to hire a professional cleaning service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from a highly trained and skilled team of cleaners?  Call Enjoy Life Services on 0433 335 199 for more information on our customisable services tailored to your needs.